Today, I will content myself with easy, with the sleepy feeling that comes when it seems – for the split second of a shooting star – that all is right in the world.
'The rest of Memorial Hill' photo (c) 2010, Glenn Scofield Williams - license:
There is music at my left hand, typing on a computer, and youth sitting before me with eyes intent on the future. Wisdom is out gathering the day in his wide, solid fingers, and beauty is brushing down a horse that gave her joy. These are the people of today.

Some days, despite budget fights and debt scares, genocides and civil wars, heart ache and loneliness, promises and payoffs, research subjects and book structures . . . some days, I am lulled into a restful place where I am safe and calm and at ease. I imagine myself like a newborn snuggled into a navy blue sling, tucked tight against God’s torso. Safe, warm, guarded into rest.

No striving. No planning. Just words and music. Just ease and rest. Oh to live this every day.