I am craving something amazing to read, something that I can’t put down or something that I can only read a few sentences of before I have to put it down and think about what it said.

I’m craving stories that wrap me up in fantasy or push me out into the world I live in with new energy and purpose.

I’m craving characters in whom I can see myself and characters who I have never met, even in my crazy dreams.

I’m craving good, good, good books.

And I need your help.

Please share your most inspiring book recommendations with me. What are those books that come to mind instantly when someone says “What’s the best book you’ve ever read?” What books have you kept, even when you cleared your shelf of others? What books will you read to your children or your friends’ children any chance you get?

I need recommendations, and to get them, I think I might need to offer an incentive. SO on Friday, June 10th at Noon (EST), I will randomly select a winner of 100 Bookmooch points, which the winner can then use to get FREE books of his/her own choosing. What do you think? 100 free books for recommending one. Not bad, huh?

If you’re not familiar with Bookmooch, it’s a free book exchange online. You list books you’d like to give away and people “mooch” them from you. You ship the book (at media rates of a little over $2.00 a book) and earn a point to “mooch” a book of your own. It’s a great deal on a regular basis, but with this challenge, I’ll gift you 100 of my points so you can just get 100 books free, no shipping fees involved.

So if you haven’t already signed up for Bookmooch, do so first thing (it’s easy and awesome) and start scoping out which books you’d like. You can put books on your Wishlist and get an email when a copy comes available, or you can scope inventories for things you’ve never heard of that sound fascinating. (Also, you might note that you can give away your points to libraries, prisons, and other nonprofits if you don’t see books you want to mooch.)

To enter the contest, here’s what you need to do:
1. Give me the book title and author.

2. Explain why you recommend this book, i.e. it’s the best book you ever read, you were in love with the heroine, you can’t believe how awesome the ending was (just don’t tell me the ending, PLEASE).

3. Tell me where you’ve shared the contest (see below).

Any book is just fine – picture books, graphic novels, massive tomes by George Eliot, scifi, young adult, Shakespeare, Orange Prize winners, religious books, books on writing – ANYTHING. Just recommend.

How to Win
Your comment gets you one entry. You can also earn other entries by tweeting this contest, posting it on Facebook, writing about it on your own blog, Stumbling it, or just spreading the word via email. Just tell me in your comment how you’re getting the word out there, and I’ll give you one additional entry for each way you pass it on.

The winner’s name will be announced via my page on Facebook, through my Twitter feed, and here on Andilit. I will also email the winner (so be sure to leave me your email address in the fields when you enter your comment) to inform her/him of his prize.