Inspired by the models of Shawn Smucker and Ken Mueller and urged on by BlogRocket creator Bryan Allain, today I’m soliciting information about your most popular blog posts for the month of May. (If you’re not a blogger, please feel free to tell us about the favorite blog posts you read in May.)

Here’s what you need to include:
1. The name and link to your most popular blog post.
2. A brief description (1-2 sentences) of the particular blog post you mention.
3. A little bio of yourself so that we get to know you.

1. My blog is called Andilit, and my most popular post was called “Writing is not lonely, but avoiding it is.
2. Inspired by Laraine Herring, I try to dispel the myth that writing is really a lonely activity.
3. I’m a writer, a writing teacher, a music lover, and a Believer who seeks to live passionately and honestly each day (and fails often.)

That’s it. I’ll be sure to stop by each and every one of the blogs mentioned in the coming days, and I hope you’ll pick out at least a few that you’d like to get to know as well.

(If you haven’t already signed up for BlogRocket, I highly recommend you do. I’ve already seen my numbers improve, and more importantly, I’ve met some great new bloggers to boot.)

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Also, today is the final day to register for my summer courses. If you’d like to take any of them, please make payment today through PayPal ([email protected]). Then, we’ll get started soon. Thanks.