This post started out as the “Top Ten Places I Wanted to Visit in the U.S.,” but quickly it became clear that the National Parks held the most interest for me. I have been fortunate enough to visit many of our great parks, but there’s still a few (okay more than a few) I’d love to see.

10. Kilauea Hawa’ii Volcanoes National Park I hear Hawa’ii is amazing. (And yes, I realize I cannot drive to Hawa’ii.)

9. Yosemite National Park. I lived RIGHT THERE, but still, I never made it.

8. Badlands. I love the austereness of the place. Plus, the native history there fascinates me.

7. The Grand Canyon. This was supposed to be part of the trip out West, but a truck company that shall remain unnamed gave us a faulty BRIGHT ORANGE truck.

6. Arches National Park. The images I’ve seen from the web and from friends’ trips look amazing. Like this one: Arches National Park

5. Olympic National Park. The one region of the U.S. I have never visited is the Pacific Northwest, and Olympic looks simply amazing.

4. Glacier National Park. I think I may have been here as a wee tot, but I have no memory. Plus, this is Dad’s favorite, so it’s got to go high on the list.

Glacier National Park

3. Craters of the Moon. Lava flows. High desert. Oh yeah.

2. Acadia National Park. Mom always said this was her favorite, so, well, I want to live that with her a bit.

1. Gates of the Arctic. Actually, I’d go to any National Park in Alaska, but the vast openness of this space absolutely intrigues me.

Gates of the Arctic National park