He is about 4 inches long, and his skin is cool to the touch and smooth like the perfect skin on a great homemade pudding. When I hold him and move him gently from left to right, I don’t feel him hesitate or pause; my fingers do not fatigue. It is almost like floating.

Uni-Ball Vision. That’s all I have to say.

My students often snicker (usually quietly because it’s the first day and they don’t yet trust me) when I tell them they should get a pen that they can write with easily. They don’t yet know the difference in feel and stamina that shows when you use a ballpoint pen and then move to something with a smooth, soft arc. A good pen can be the difference between jotting off the bare minimum and crafting something full and luscious, like a ripe peach.

Today I opened up a 10-pack (a Costco bargain) of Uni-Ball Vision pens. A friend got them for me on my last birthday, and I just found them again in a bag in the barn, sitting in storage since I moved home when Mom was sick. As I slid out these lovely, almost weightless tubes, something in my shoulders shifted loose. Ah, finally, the tool I wanted most to do my work, here, cool in my warm fingers.

So it’s not something minor, at least not for me, to have a pen I love in my hands. It frees up my voice because it frees my hand. All snickering aside, there’s power in the pen.

Uni-Ball Vision Elite

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