There’s a quality of light that comes in the evening during that time lyrical people call the gloaming. Everything is more beautiful in that slant – golden, radiant, glowing. It’s my absolute favorite time of day.

Twilight seems to show light in both its natures – particles and rays. I have never understood how something could be two things – at least I’ve never understood the science of that idea – but I do understand how light can both reveal and conceal. . . chiaroscuro; shadow and revelation.

Of late, I’ve been longing for more light. The long days of spring and summer. The brightness of a sun that tinges my face with pink. The blast of Noon day that leaves no shadow.

So much seems hidden now; answers are shadowed in gray and black. Secrets creep in dark corners of our stories. I crave the Light to bring the truth.

I can only hope that in the end the light will have the strength of Noon and the beauty of the gloaming. Something that reveals all for the beauty it was made to have. A brilliance that casts us all, ultimately, in our most perfect light where we are radiant, glowing, and shadowless.