Pieces. Remnants. Quotes. Samples. Ruins. This is what remains of much after any length of time has passed.

Vanilla Ice takes from David Bowie. Martin Luther King, Jr. uses Archibald Carey who uses “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”. The MacRae family builds on the ruins of the previous three castles at Eilean Donan. Each day, I take words from Merton or Parker or Kingsolver or Bronte and share them to represent myself. None of us takes the whole of the other. We ruin the original to build our own.

An arch stands roofless against the sky. Stairs ascend to rooms long gone. Niches fold into stone, their status long gone. Dunnattar Castle stands as a testament to the beauty of the ruined.

Nothing is immutable, isn’t that what romanticism has taught us? Everything changes. But maybe to change is not to be lessened or destroyed. Instead, (except perhaps in the case of Vanilla Ice) change often evokes more beauty. Would I be able to see the play of light on a castle if it was still a stronghold impenetrable?

I find grace in this. . . that maybe if just the arches and walls of my words linger for a time long beyond the entirety of my work, just maybe there will still be beauty there.

Chapel Wall at Dunnottar Castle