So M’s husband is a theologian, and M herself is a fairly good thinker in this realm as well. Thus, it’s been a rather intellectual vacation for me, and I love it.

Last night, after some more Louis Theroux, we caught the tale end of Rob Bell’s live lecture. I have to say that before this whole “universalism” controversy broke I didn’t even know who the guy was, so it was very intriguing for me to see him talk about the issue. I found him thoughtful, reasonable, and very engaging. I will definitely buy his newest book.

The other part of this trip is that it’s always interesting to think about my own faith, culture, food, ideas when I’m in a new place. It’s like I see things fresh . . . or maybe it’s that all the normalcy is stripped away so that I have to confront everything as a stranger . . . the stranger in a strange land thing is always good for regrounding me in a really amazing way.

So I do recommend you check out Rob Bell, especially his NOOMA videos if you want a quick taste. And I recommend you check out my host Justin’s blog for some more intellectual and equally intriguing thoughts on the nature of God and love and other things theologic. And if you just want to know where my mind is about things, think about this question – what is God’s response to people’s poor choices? (A. God rejoices. B. God cries. C. God ignores them. D. God damns them to hell either D1. mournfully or D2. joyfully.) Justin and I have been going round about this a bit of late.

So please weigh in on any of the following topics:
1. How does being in a new place change how you see things?
2. What do you think of Rob Bell?
3. What is your conception of God?

Now, I’m off to a pub where M and I will probably discuss far less weighty things like boys and books.

Rob Bell