Today, I leave for a two-week jaunt to Scotland – Aberdeen specifically. . . I’m going to visit my college roommate and her family for days of relaxation, play with kids, long walks in the Scottish chill, some chances to pet fuzzy sheep and cows, and a weekend “girls only” trip up to the lochs. WOO HOO!

But here I sit, four hours before I’m supposed to leave, and I’m stuck. I’ve packed my clothes, my shoes, warm mittens and hats, passport, flight info, and even my vitamins. . . but here I sit surrounded by piles, and I am completely baffled.

Which books does one take for a two week trip that involves fourteen hours of plane travel and probably lots of time to just relax and read good stuff?

I know some of you are sighing and rolling your eyes at this point – “Why doesn’t she have a Kindle or a Nook, you say?” And today, but only today, I would agree with you. But normally, on principle and for want of funds, I restrain myself from buying such a device. . . today, when I’m thinking about weight limits and the capacity of my shoulders to manage a backpack full of books through two airports, a shuttle, and a train ride, I think, “Wow, one of those little plastic things might have been nice.”

Yet, since I must choose, here is what I think I’m going with – Lamb by Christopher Moore, because I just really need to go ahead and finish this up; The Children’s Book by A.S. Byatt because even though it’s heavy, Byatt makes great travel reading; and The Known World by Edward P. Jones because it will keep my head in my research without making me feel like I’m not on vacation.

I’m sure I will regret these choices upon arriving at the airport and probably buy something by Dean Koontz (the Brother Odd books seems to make it in my backpack quite often on trips), but for now, this is what I’m going with. . . wish me happy reading. . . please!

Plane Reading