So last week, I told you all the things that will keep me from acknowledging your existence in my online dating exploits; this week (because I know you’re all DYING to find out these tidbits), I’m telling you what works. Here you go:

1. Tell me what you’re willing to fight for – music (see #3), art, children. Show me you’ll battle poverty or sacrifice your time and money to stop human trafficking. Put yourself out there in life and then put that on the page.

2. A man with tattoos. This isn’t a dealbreaker for me, but I like a guy who is brave enough to put something thoughtful (i.e. NOT his girlfriend’s name) on his body permanently.

3. Play an instrument or sing well, and I’ll even overlook that your favorite movie includes Will Farrell.

4. Coffee. If it’s organic, fair-trade . . . . well, you had me at Sumatran.

5. Give me an author or two who write about people on THIS planet, and I’m with you all the way.

6. Show you know who you are, realize you’re not perfect, and own a piece of paper that shows you graduated from an accredited, academic institution, and I’m ready to at least drink some of that coffee with you.

7. Mention that you have considered (or actually do) live in a yurt, know the benefit of cork flooring, or even that you recycle, and you’ve just beat out a massive number of people in the pack. (Recycling jokes do not count, and if you the term “tree-hugger” in anything but an endearing way, we’re done.)

8. Posting pictures with babies (as long as you tell me they’re not yours) and baby animals. Anything chubby, fluffy, cute. . . . that’s a big plus.
a. Any image that shows you’re family oriented. Pictures with your nephews (again, as long as they’re labeled as such) are just lovely.

9. Scottish? English? Australian? Peruvian? Able to fake one of those accents for the rest of your life? We’ve got something.

10. If you can laugh at yourself (and at me), then that speaks volumes. If you can find humor even in tragedy and make me laugh with you, then we’re off to a good start already.

That’s it, folks. What I love in a man. Share what you love in your dream guy/gal or in the one you’re with. I’d love to hear it.

Love Keyboard