This time yesterday, I was propped up in a recliner, my stomach aching from this seal-like cough I kept producing. This time yesterday, it was warm enough outside that I gladly let Mom’s cat wander the yard with her black coat soaking up all the sun. This time yesterday, I was a little lonely since my friend K had left after a weekend visit.

Today, I was in the recliner again, but this time I was blissfully sleeping from the uber-cough syrup and antibiotics the doc gave me. Today, it’s overcast and much cooler with the possibility of snow. Today, I’m about to head out to dinner with friends of more than twenty years.

I think this must be why we’re designed as creatures who need to sleep for several hours a night. We get to rest, forget the waking world, and get up to start again fresh the next day.

A new day, a little codeine-based cough syrup, and a few hours sleep make the whole world look different.

Quiver Trees in Namibia