Today, Dad and I started talking about the garden. As soon as we get a chance to till the ground, we’re putting in the lettuce. (By the way, for those of you who are buried in snow and think planting anything sounds insane, it’s 60 degrees here today.) He’s headed as we speak over to our friends’ greenhouse to look at flowers for the farm and our house. Just talking about this stuff makes me happy (despite my fifth day with this death-cold thing).

So take hope, spring is coming.

And while you wait for the sun that tingles your face with warmth, take some time to tell me about your blog or the favorite blog you read. I’m taking this idea from my friend Ken Mueller at Inkling Media and adopting the variation used by my friend Shawn Smucker.

Here’s what to include in your comment below:
1. Your name
2. Your blog address (i.e. or the address of a blog you love.
3. The themes of this blog.
4. (Optional) Your favorite sign that spring is on the way.

So please do share, and I’ll be sure to personally check out each and every blog. And I hope you’ll peek into some new blogs yourself.

Thanks all, and Happy (almost) Spring!!

Crocus – Crocus, my first sign of spring.