I’m really big on people living their dreams, so when I heard from friend Laurie and her husband Jack were fulfilling their dream of starting a distance education business here in Virginia, I knew I had to ask her to write about it. I’ve watched many of my friends, particularly my female friends but some of my male friends, too, struggle with their career dreams and their family dreams, and it seems Laurie has found a way to live into both sets of dreams. I’m so proud of her, and I know you will be, too.

I have been a teacher for many years in Virginia, mostly in public school systems. And while I have worked for and with some wonderful teachers and administrators, I have always felt that there are students who, for one reason or another, need options that a traditional classroom doesn’t provide.

I also struggled with not being there many times for my own children. I wanted to keep working with kids, keep the dialog open with their parents, but find a way to do that on my own. The idea of working one-on-one with students was really appealing to me. Plus, I would be the boss!

I guess a big part of my entrepreneurial spirit comes from my parents. My Dad has been in business for himself for many years, with my Mom as his “girl Friday”. I saw the benefits of being the boss firsthand, as well as the struggles and frustrations that go along with it. I saw how my Dad would, on many days, take time out from his work to do his other “work”…cutting the grass, fixing the chair, or whatever else he needed to do. He has always seemed at peace with his decision to work from home. He and my Mom were around a lot for my sister and me, too. Hopefully, with ILearnVirginia, I will be there a little more for my kids, too.

ILearnVirginia, Inc., located in Fluvanna County, Virginia, is a distance learning company for public, private and homeschooled students. Founded in 2010, our mission is straightforward. We bring over 25 years of commitment to excellence in education, using the latest technology, with a personal touch. We offer a wide range of classes for high school and advanced middle school students, including core subjects, honors, and AP classes.

Today, there are many online classes and programs available to parents. At ILearnVirginia, we believe our students need more than that to be successful. Our students and their families receive our personal, hands-on approach throughout their learning process, with daily monitoring and support, feedback, parent contact and scheduled in-home visits. We care about the success of each student. One of the best parts of doing what we do at ILearnVirginia is meeting our students and their families, getting to know them, and building relationships with them. Students know that we’re all on the same page, with a common goal.

Jack and Laurie Jensen bring over 25 years of experience in education to every class, every student.
Distance learning with local, dedicated teachers. Visit iLearn Virginia and “like” their Facebook page.

ILearn Virginia