Today, it is my third day on the couch (or the recliner in this case). I have this nasty cold/flu thing that has been going around, and while I really want to do research and get some writing done, I am simply too tired to do much more than write a quick blog post, crochet a few stitches and doze on and off.

One thing I have learned in my life is that often life slows me down when I most need it. Sometimes I get sick; sometimes a major roadblock jumps up in the way of a project; sometimes, the tiny frustrations of missed calls and unanswered emails slow me down. Whatever the reason, it seems this slow-down is always what I need most.

In this case, I suspect I needed to take more time with my research and think through what I’ve been reading. I imagine I needed to just rest in where I am at this moment in the writing process.

Plus, of course, sometimes life involves illness. So I could just be sick.

Here I am a day of Charmed, junk food, crochet, and naps. Doesn’t sound half bad to be slowed down, huh?

Cat – Yep, this is pretty much how I feel.