My dad is quite the reader. He’ll tell you he doesn’t read quickly, but that’s only true when he’s not that interested in what he’s reading. If he gets invested in his favorite types of books – wilderness stories or westerns – he can plow through chapters on chapters in an afternoon. So it seemed only appropriate that he write a review of his readings. Here are his thoughts on Fools Crow by James Welch.

Most of the westerns that I read are clearly written from the perspective of the white man and not the American Indian. This captivating story allows the reader to experience life as a Native American as no other western has. The importance of the spiritual world to the American Indian is a significant and very interesting thread running through the story. This is one of the best westerns that I have read.

There you have it from a true connoisseur of the genre: James Welch’s Fool’s Crow is not to be missed.

Cover of Fool's Crow by James WelchFool’s Crow by James Welch