Okay, so not much “frivolity” as lack of planning (but you know, I needed a third ‘f’ for the title).

Anyway, that’s what will be happening here at my place every Friday night for the foreseeable future. Friends will be dropping by (I hope); we’ll be talking; we’ll be eating. We won’t be discussing an assigned topic or taking on any activity beyond just being together. Some people will probably bring crochet or knitting work; some will probably bring thank you letters that they’ve been meaning to write. We may talk about men (okay, we’ll definitely talk about men.) We may chat about books we’re reading or writing/teaching/work projects we have. We may share horrors about kids or lack thereof. We will definitely eat. (I’m making blondies this week.)

The idea was sparked by the book The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs and by conversations I’ve been having with women for the past few weeks. All stereotypes aside, most women I know take pleasure and comfort in time just talking about their lives with other people, particularly other women. So here’s my way of encouraging that for myself and for the women I know.

As my dad says, sometimes people just need to get together without an agenda. That’s the plan (get it?).

So if you’re ever down central Virginia way, if you’re a woman (Sorry, guys, but you can join my dad’s Thursday morning breakfast group; they’d be happy to have you), and if it’s a Friday about 7pm, drop by the house (I’ll be happy to email you directions). We’ll talk, we’ll probably cry, and we’ll definitely pound the blondies.

BlondiesBlondies Recipe