There are several things I need more of in my life. Not because I am unhappy without them but because they make me so immensely happy I should be absorbing them into me more. These things remind me who I am and take me to a place in myself and in the world that vibrates just right for me.

1. Acoustic Guitar
2. Days without a plan or the need to get out of pjs.
3. Nights where friends I laugh until we ache.
4. Books that I devour.
5. Coffee houses with soft chairs and open mic nights.
6. The sound of the wind in the trees, that non-silence that settles my soul.
7. Animals – particularly birds of prey and cats (domestic and massive).
8. Delicious soup not from a can.
9. Hugs from my dad.
10. The smell of babies’ heads.

What do you need more of?

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