But tonight, I just don’t. I don’t have any insight from today (except that my dad’s inversion table needs more use); I don’t have any witty reflection on life. Tonight, I just am.

I expect you know how this is. The day wasn’t terrible, but then it wasn’t great either. You have those days, I imagine.

I did some fun genealogical research and took a great walk. I made some progress on the book, at least in terms of thinking. I got some fun email and had a good conversation or two. I ordered seeds for the garden. I’ve watched a mini-marathon of Ghost Whisperer while I crocheted. Just a pretty normal day.

I think I should probably be grateful for normalcy, and so I will try to cultivate that. But right now, tonight, I just feel blah. In James, God cautions us about having false wisdom or faking what we don’t know, so here I am not faking it. It kind of feels good to just be true to the day and to myself. I fear it may be boring, but of course, some of life is, right?

Perhaps you can take from this average post that an average day is acceptable, normal, and even a blessing. It makes those terrible days bearable and those amazing ones so, so special.

May you all have a beautiful night’s sleep.