For the last two days, I have been working to get myself settled. Dad, Brother and I moved my stuff down to the farm. Most of it will be stored in the 200 year old barn, and I will spend some time this year cutting down my belongings so that when it comes time to move again, it is easier.

My friend Sarah and I spent a good portion of yesterday setting up my office in what used to be Mom’s craft room. We moved all of the remaining bins of crafts to my dad’s shop so that we can give them away. We moved in all of my books, and then as we shelved them, we put many, many in boxes to give away or sell (see my Bookmooch inventory). Sarah makes me so happy because she gets so excited over the little things – when someone had one of my books on a wishlist, she got all giddy.

Today, we’ll move in the last few pieces of furniture – my desk and filing cabinet – and hopefully, we’ll give away the last of the things stored there. It should be a good day. When I get it all set up, I’ll post a few pics. And if you would post yours – I love looking at offices.

I feel like I’m settling into this place, into myself, and into the new year. It’s a good feeling.

Red Pandas – These little red pandas look so cozy, and I want my office to feel the same way.