“A wise woman builds her home.” That’s the beginning of Proverbs 14, and when I read it, I took one of those little short breathes we take in surprise. You see, I have been praying for wisdom a lot lately. And here was a clear direction on how to find it or live in it.

I expect this verse is often interpreted to have something to do with “homemaking” or child-rearing. But since I don’t have a home (I live with my dad, remember) and don’t have any children, I read it a bit differently. I read it as – do what you need to do to build where you want to live. For me, that reading was both literal and figurative. In the figurative sense, I read it was a command for me to build the life I want to live; on the literal level, I read it was a command to build the dream house I have imagined for years – a place where I can raise animals (like alpacas), have a garden, and offer respite to people who need it.

This verse has been affirmed over and over for me in many ways, but today, God brought in major reinforcements. First, my brother and dad graciously agreed to watchThe Legend of the Guardians with me. It’s a kids’ movie where slightly older owls save baby owls. The line that stood out to me was “My dreams are what make me strong.” There it was “Build your house” from the mouth (ahem, beak) of Soren, the owlet. They do say owls are wise.

Then, several of my dearest friends wrote me to remind me that I had made a wise decision, that it was time for me to take some time for myself. That I needed to listen for “God’s voice.” I am blessed to have such wonderful women in my life.

So tonight, I go to bed excited about what is ahead of me and eager to walk the path God has set before me. I have much healing to do, but I even look forward to the pain that will bring. Onward and upward, to live from the gizzard, I mean the heart.

Legend of the Guardians

Also, if you’re needing a little inspiration or encouragement that you are on the right path, please read my friend Julie’s blog – http://robertswitmer.blogspot.com/2010/12/mother-of-eleousa.html. Talk about a wise woman.