Starting January 10th and running through February 6th, I’ll be teaching an online creative essay writing class for the next 9 people who sign up. The cost is $75 and includes weekly reading and writing assignments, facilitation of an online workshop and discussion space, and weekly feedback from me about up to 8 pages of work/week.

Our readings will range widely from Montagne to Dillard to Cooper to Morrison, and our writing assignments will move from more traditional personal essays to more “experimental” forms like the lyric essay and the montage.

Writers of all levels are invited to join. If you’ve written essay collections or never really put a pen to paper, you are most welcome. Whether you’re looking to just write for yourself or want help producing work for publication, please join us.

To sign-up or get more information, please email me at Payment can be made via check or Paypal.

Please spread the word if you will, and I hope to see you online soon.