We have been working on this project for years. I started it and got tired; she picked it back up. Then, she handed it off back to me. I’m still so far from being done, and now I cannot pass it back to her again. I must finish it on my own.

It’s a cross-stitch carousel, one of those really complex pieces by Teresa Wenzler. I love her patterns, and so did Mom. We would go online and find new Wenzler patterns. Mom always bought them for me. I could cross-stitch for the rest of my life and never finish all the Wenzler patterns I have. I may just do that.

This 18″ x 12″ piece of fabric is just the smallest of things I didn’t get to finish with Mom. As she got sicker, all I prayed for was more time, more chances to talk with her, to hear her wisdom, to share more of my life with her. I didn’t get much of that. She just got too sick too fast. I did get to say goodbye, but goodbye is not what I wanted. I wanted more time.

Now, I sit with this project in my lap. I will finish it. It will never be enough.

Wenzler's Carousel