Mom passed away at 4:30 this morning. Dad woke me, and I rushed to her. I laid one hand on her chest and one on her face. She was not there.

In the way of life’s pain, I lost another of the most important relationships in my life. Now, he is not here either.

I have lost two of the most important people in my life, and I am breathing. That is something.

Yet, on this day of Thanksgiving, I am grateful for the healing that will, inevitably, come. I am grateful for the complete healing and perfection that Mom now lives in. I am grateful for the hope that comes with the prospect of healing for my other dear one. I am grateful in this massive grief that there is something – something amazing – beyond it.

Now, to walk through the shards of pain that pierce my heart, to absorb them into myself, to build scar tissue that will heal and strengthen my flesh.

Dante Gabriel Rosetti's Beata Beatrix