Today, I am at home on the couch. I keep dozing off through moments of the various CSI episodes on Spike TV (why is that every time I’m home sick Spike seems to be the best TV option?).

On the other end of the sofa, Oscar and George, both orange cats, are dozing off and on, too. Sunny is curled up in an overturned dining chair. Emily is bundled in between pillows and blankets on the bed upstairs. Charlotte is hiding under a recliner, and Cleo, as evidenced by Emily’s screams that just came from upstairs, is stalking other cats.

I am taking my lead from Oscar, who despite screams or fear or even just the desire to torment, sleeps on, his cheek reclined on the cushion. The wisdom of animals is sometimes more profound than our own.

Emily and Oscar Show How It's Done