Ever since I lived in Oberlin, OH, I’ve dreamed of finding a small town that is both picturesque and full of cultural opportunities. I dream of living somewhere where most days I can walk to get what I need – a cup of coffee, basic groceries, a gift for a friend – where the views and scenery are gorgeous and calming, and where I can drive a short distance to get to museums, schools, concerts, and other cultural venues.

I think this place might be Occoquan, VA. Located on the Occoquan River just southwest of Washington, D.C., this little town is gorgeous. There are these amazing shops with windows that bubble out like what I imagine hobbit windows must look like. There are boardwalks on the river. The oldest house – Rockledge – was built in 1745, and yet, in 30 minutes I could be on the Mall in D.C.

On the hills above town, I imagine my house with a big enough yard that I can grow my garden and maybe – just maybe – I could own an alpaca or two. I picture me finding one of those bubble windows and putting it in my writing room. I see drives into the city for concerts or reading. I see friends coming down to visit and spending the day walking town with me. Maybe one day, Occoquan will be home and not just a dream.

Occoquan, VA – Occoquan, VA

Bubble Window – “Hobbit” Windows