As I write, Cleo is sitting next to the computer. She oversees my blogging fairly regularly these days.

When I woke up this morning, George had his head on my pillow and was under the sheet next to me. Emily was curled at his feet.

Oscar or Sunny leaps onto my lap most mornings when I work. A little feline warmth during my writing.

Charlotte, well, Charlotte is mostly invisible, but today, she keeps peering around the corner at me. That makes me smile.

I love my cats. I know some people find a person’s affection for animals odd, but to me they are ultimately reliable. They always love you (or disdain you if they are cats), and they are always there.

So in honor of all you cat lovers, here are my two favorite cat videos.

Ninja Cat – Stalking Cat

Maru and the Too Small Box – Maru and the Too Small Box

Any great cat videos or pictures to share?

I Is One With This String