It’s Tuesday, and my work week is just starting. While I love teaching, it is work, and by the nature of the activity, it is not always enjoyable. So this week, I only have four days of work, and that sounds really great.

The sun is out after an overnight rain, and the air is cooler, more fall-like today. I think I’ll drive around with my windows open and let everyone listen to my book on CD with me. I love autumn.

My book on CD is another Rita Mae Brown book (Catch as Cat Can), and while the snippets of politics needle me a bit, I really love the mysteries themselves. I also love that they’re set near my parents’ house in VA, and most of all, I love the talking animals, especially Pewter, the “rotund kitty” that is sometimes described as a “cannonball.”

My kitties screamed for wet food, but in a new position of resolve, I decided to only give them such on Saturdays. I’m proud of myself for resisting.

Most of all, I am glad that in the midst of some trying and tiring times, I have been blessed with the deepest peace of my life. I am content with where I am (at least in most minutes), and I feel confident that God has got in all under control, even though life at this moment is completely beyond me.

What’s good about your life today?

Autumn's Spell by DL Ennis“Autumn’s Spell” by DL Ennis