I have come to the conclusion that there are just some things in this world that I will not understand and, most importantly, that I’m okay with that. Take for instance the fact that my car’s left front brakes are paper thin while my right front brakes still have 30% of life in them. As far as I know, both sets of brakes activate when I push that left pedal in my car, so why does one wear faster than another? (I know someone reading this will have the overwhelming urge to explain this to me, and if you must, feel free, but before you do, read on.)

I also do not understand why people like to bake themselves in the sun. What exactly is fun about laying under burning hot rays and sweating profusely? I know my feeling about tanning is influenced by my mother’s melanoma, but still . . . I just don’t get this practice.

Fanny packs are another element of life that simply baffles me. Why is it convenient and comfortable to hang a pouch from our bellies like we’re marsupials? Why would I want to make that area of my body look even bigger?

Of course there are many more things I don’t understand – how light can be both a wave and a particle, exactly what dark matter is, why drugs seem fun (and yes, I’m serious about that one) – and the truth is that many of these things I’m fine without knowing. While I really enjoy learning new things, I probably am never going to invest much study in how car brakes function, and I am certainly going to leave the fanny pack issue alone. Other things, well, those I’ll continue to true to understand – like how prayer works and why people seem to enjoy American football so much.

There are two things I won’t ever stop trying to understand though – the nature of God and the lives of people. And of course, these two lines of inquiry are enough to keep me busy for life.

What things do you not understand and are fine to leave that way? What do you crave to know more about?

Chuck Norris in a fanny pack. – Yes, this is Chuck Norris in a fanny pack.