When I was younger, I used to think – when I get older, I’ll _______. Lately, I’ve been realizing, well, here I am older. Most of the time I forget that. Most of the time I think I’m still waiting for life to start. But recently, I’m realizing this is life – in all its glorious moments, in all of its painful realities – this is life.

Sometimes, when I realize this, I begin to want to strive, to grasp, to try to make life what I think it should be. I should be married. I should have a “real” job. I should have children or at least a dog. But “should” isn’t really part of life; life just is. Life is in our attitude and outlook and our ability to realize we are where we are for a reason – for a reason that will, ultimately, work for the good.

As I was praying today, I was struck by the phrase, “Let Life Come.” If I can realize that I am where I need to be, that I am experiencing what I am experiencing for a reason, then, I can be content. And contentment – that’s what I need more than I need what I think I should have.

So here’s to “letting life come” in whatever form that may be. Here’s to knowing I will always have help to move through it. Here’s to knowing that my life has a purpose and is working for the good.

A Desert Cave