Today, I officially start “back to school,” and while this is absolutely my favorite time of year, I also get the jitters. My stomach gets all fluttery; everything seems more urgent to my mind; I begin having dreams about not being able to find my classroom.

I guess this is the way with all things new and important – they produce a certain amount of nervousness in our bodies and minds. Yet, I know that once I walk into that classroom and get started (the first few minutes of set-up in a new class are always nerve-wracking; all those expectant faces waiting on you to say something interesting), I’ll be so glad I am there. This is the way of the things that are “right” in our lives. We feel a little nervous about pursuing them, but when we do, all seems right and good in the world – at least for moments.

Here’s a prayer and “thumbs up” for all of you going back to school today and for all of you parents sending those kids back to school or off for the first time. All is well, and all will be well.

Back to School