Last week, Dave and I went to Target and filled a backpack with school supplies as part of a drive that his church is doing. Luckily, we had a list, or this kid would have gotten more pens, folders, Trapper Keepers, and fun post-its than he could have used. I have a little bit of a school supply fetish, you see.

The end of summer marks the beginning of my favorite time of year – back-to-school time. I love the freshness of a new school year – stiff clothes and pencils that still smell like wood shavings. I love the way we forge new relationships and begin new ventures. I love the anticipation that comes with new classes and fresh notebooks. I honestly just really love everything about the beginning of school.

This knowledge has reinforced something that I’ve been considering a lot lately – I think I may belong in teaching. Perhaps it’s just a matter of habit; maybe I’m just used to this pattern of life after 30 years. But the truth is that my life operates on the rhythms of school. Summer has always been the emotionally toughest time for me, partially because I’m not a part of a class in any way (and partially because I really hate the heat). Autumn is when I begin to feel alive again; I can feel my mood beginning to lift even now.

In the coming weeks, I’ll put together my binders for class, fill out my grade book with the names from my roster, compile syllabi, and plan for a semester of the hardest work I know. This will all give me joy and make me the kind of tired that gives me dreamless sleep. It will be wonderful.

School Supplies