Last night, Dave and I went to the Cecil County Fair to see the demolition derby. It was the first demo derby for both of us (although Dave is more seasoned at the experience since he has a demo derby video game). I thought I would probably enjoy the experience and really enjoy Dave watching it, but surprisingly enough, I loved it. So here are my top ten reasons for loving the demolition derby.

10. The hideous paint jobs on the cars. Only here could spray painted slogans actually be an attractive feature.

9. Lesson in Humanity #1 – Lazy Entitlement. It used to be that if you wanted to save a seat for yourself at an event, you sat in the seat (or had someone sit in the seat) and hold it for you. Now, people put towels or blankets on the seats so they don’t have to really do any work but still get what they want. This is the ultimate in laziness and entitled behavior.

8. The announcer. This guy talked non-step (like Telemundo soccer announcers, Dave said), and he had this wacky fake laugh that cracked me up every time he used it.

7. The chance to eat funnel cake. I usually only allow myself on funnel cake a summer, so I enjoyed scarfing this one – powdered sugar dusting my jeans – while I watched cars crash into each other.

6. Lesson in Humanity #2 – Poorly designed parking lot exits make people really horrible. We waited an hour last night to get out of the parking lot, and part of the reason for this trouble was that people kept zooming ahead – driving around obviously waiting cars – or cutting people off instead of managing a reasonable pattern of yielding. I was appalled that people really thought that wherever they had to be at 11pm was so much more important than where anyone else had to be.

5. The crashes. Normally, I am not a violent person, but I really got into seeing these cars smash one another up. The drivers had on helmets, so I guess I knew they were pretty safe.

4. The safe release of intense energy. Part of the reason I enjoyed the crashes so much was because they were demonstrations of the controlled and reasonable release of agression and energy. I guess this is part of many sports – football included – and I could really see how this kind of controlled environment made for a great release.

3. Lesson in Humanity #3 – Sponteneous community. Before the evening was over, Dave and I had made “demo derby” friends with the couple behind us. The guys were talking about the cars’ finer qualities, and us girls were discussing which car we were “rooting for” based on cuteness. I love when events help people talk and share with folks they don’t even know.

2. Dave’s Pleasure. This guy of mine was just giddy through the derby. I love seeing him excited about things, so this was worth the trip.

1. Adding Another Experience to My Life. I always say that I will do anything once, and I am glad to have had the chance to see the demolition derby. I expect I’ll see it again and again.

Anyone else like the demolition derby? Anyone else as surprised as I am that they did like it?