Last night, I did the Wii strength training regimen. Now before all you serious workout folks giggle and snicker at my obvious lack of knowledge and skill in weight-training, let me seek your sympathy by saying, I’m sore. Already. Just over 12 hours later. I think what killed me was holding plank for 60 seconds.

But in my growing soreness today, I’m grateful. I know that anything worth doing requires lots of effort, a fair amount of sweat (I was so sticky last night even the cats wouldn’t come near for a while), and a lingering soreness. But that tenderness, those aches remind us of what we’ve been through. They’re are temporary reminders that we have just done something difficult. That we have “worked out” physically or emotionally.

So today, I will try to relish my soreness. (We’ll see how long this last when I spend some time today with three kids under the age of five). I will remember that these achy muscles are just growing pains. And tomorrow, I will make them ache some more. Growth requires a little bit of pain, but it’s so worth it.

Sore muscles