I came into Memorial Day ready. I had a list of books to read; I started a reading challenge (which you can still join if you’d like); I was all set. . . . . and here I am, not really having read that much at all.

I should probably qualify this statement for those of you, who like some of my students, don’t really read much at all – I have been reading, probably ten books since June 1st, but for me, especially in the summertime, that’s a low number. In a good three summer months, I can usually get through at least 35 books. So by my own standards I’m behind, and it’s making me a little sad.

The thing is that the way I’m spending my time is making me very happy – evenings with Dave, long walks through the city, cross-stitching bibs, talking with friends – and so while I really miss reading, I’m at a bit of a loss of how to get more of it in my life without giving up other things I really enjoy.

That said, one thing I am going to do is cut back on my “social media” time. I really love Facebook and Twitter; I love the tidbits of information that come through, and I love the odd little conversations that develop. But the truth is that if I garnered even an hour from cutting back there, I would be able to read a lot more. So that’s the plan – turn off Facebook and Twitter for most of the day, and spend that regained time with a good book.

This afternoon, I’m going to be spending some time in a doctor’s office, and all you readers out there know that you can get through a lot of pages in a waiting room. I’m really looking forward to spending a little while with Marilynne Robinson’s Housekeeping today.

How’s your reading life this summer? Any great recommendations for how to get more time? Any books we shouldn’t miss?