Dave says this all the time, and last night, as I was finishing up William Elliot’s Falling Into the Face of God, I was really struck by how true this statement is. We are called to make progress, to continue the journey, not to be perfect. All of life is a journey. I know this mentally, but emotionally and spiritually, I forget. I expect things to work well or be “right” from the get-go.

I find this to be true for life, for relationships, for writing. We should seek progress, even in tiny ways, rather than looking for everything to be perfect in every minute. That’s just not a possibility of this life. Maybe we have moments of perfection. Maybe even a whole day will seem perfect. Maybe a sentence or a page will turn out just the way we want it to. But then maybe the next moment or day, the next sentence or page, will have to be reworked or born up under. Yet, we keep working. We keep living. We keep writing.

Sometimes, the hardest thing, the right thing is simply to bear up and see the progress as enough. That we showed up, that we tried. Sometimes this is enough. And it is good because, in the end, it will be even better.

And speaking of progress, Brett is our giveaway winner from yesterday. Brett, if you’ll send me your mailing address at andilit-at-gmail.com, I’ll get your winnings off to you ASAP. Yeah, more books out of the collection. Thanks, Brett.

Work in Progress by Susan Else – “Work in Progress” by Susan Else