I am in the process of actively shrinking my library. I simply don’t have the space for so many books, and I would like to get to the point where I own only the books I really love and that I have read. (I own far too many books that I am “meaning” to read.) Thus, my aforementioned moratorium on book buying and my continual listing of books on various websites to sell or give away.

For those of you who want books or who have books to spare, check out these websites. I use them all, and I highly recommend you do the same.

Bookmooch – This is a site where folks can list books they have to give away and where others can “mooch” those books for free. The only cost to the anyone is when the “giver” sends the book to the “moocher.” Most books will ship for $2.43 media mail or less. Here’s my list of books on Bookmooch – feel free to mooch from me if you’d like.

Powells Bookstore. – Powells has an online book-buying feature. You simply enter the ISBN for books you want to sell, and they offer you two prices, one for store credit (which can be redeemed online) and one for Paypal credit. They give you a shipping label for media shipping, so even sending the books to them is free. This morning, I sold several books and got $16.00 Paypal credit. It’s a great feature from a great bookstore.

Half.Com – I also sell books (and CDs) on Half.com. This is great website for buying and selling books because you can get books in a range of conditions (from brand new to “acceptable”) at really good prices. Here’s a list of the items I have for sale on Half.com. As you’ll see, there are a variety of types of items and a range of prices. Half.com is really great because they give you range of prices that each item has sold for, and then you can use that range to gauge your own asking price.

I know there are other book exchange sites, like Paperback Swap, but I haven’t used those. What I do know is that if you have books to give away or want titles and are wiling to wait a little while for them, you can find most anything you need for no or minimal cost online.

Another great way to shrink and grow your book collection is through blog giveaways, and in that spirit, I am offering one today. Post a comment telling me which book you’d like from my Bookmooch or Half.com lists, and on Wednesday, I will choose three people to receive their books for free. If your share this post (via Twitter, Facebook, your blog) and let me know, I’ll add another chance to win for each “share.”

One final thought – Once I get my book collection under control and land that great job, I will return to buying books. I believe in writers, and I want to support them any way I can.

So where do you get your books? What’s your philosophy about book buying? Do you have any recommendations for other bookish sites? Know of any great book giveaways on blogs around the web? Do share, and don’t forget to tell me which book you’d like to win if you’re chosen.