I’m on the job market, again. It seems like many of us are on the job market regularly. We are always seeking the better opportunity, the better set of benefits, the better chance to make a difference.

I find this prospect so exciting and so daunting. I’ve been looking at href=”http://www.idealist.org”>idealist.org and usajobs.gov, and there are some great opportunities. The work seems perfect for me; I seem to meet the qualifications; and I can’t believe the salaries and benefits for some of these positions. So exciting.

But still, I find myself apprehensive. What if I don’t get a call about any job I apply for? What if I get a call and then make a fool of myself at the interview? Or the big fear – what if I get the job and then find that I don’t know what I’m doing? So scary.

I know, though, that risk has its own rewards, and so I am going to apply for any job that seems a good fit for my skills and interests. So what if I haven’t formally managed employees; I’ve managed classrooms for years. So what if I don’t know that much about this software; I’ve learned most programs simply by trial and error in a very short period of time. So what if the job will stretch and grow me; I’m ready for a change.

Now, I just need to take on the tedious task of the actual applications. Dave has been telling me that in his field – I – he can simply submit his resume – no tweaking, no cover letter – and get calls. I’ve seen this to be true for him, and I expect it’s true for others as well, but for people in the writing/teaching field, each letter has to be written fresh, each resume revised to highlight particular skills and experiences, each set of materials pulled together in the right combination. It’s quite time-consuming. But in the end, when it all works out the way it has been planned to work out, the effort and time are worth it.

I know that the job of my life is out there waiting for me. I know that God will orchestrate the process of me getting that job. Now, I have to walk out in faith and trust it will be there.

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