It’s a gorgeous Sunday morning. The radio is playing in the background. A cup of coffee sits at my left hand. I love Sundays, and here’s why.

10. Things Aren’t Open. While I admit that occasionally this fact is frustrating, mostly I love that stores shut down and people don’t work (sometimes) on Sundays. The lack of options makes me slow down and find non-commercial things to do.

9. The day’s schedule. From the time I can remember, Sundays have started with a leisurely morning that leads to church. Then the afternoon is wide open for time with friends, hikes, picnics, naps, etc. Sunday evenings are always laid back times for relaxing and doing what little preparation might be necessary for the week.

8. Sports. I am not a big sports fan except during the World Cup and NCAA Basketball season, but I do love looking forward to a relaxing afternoon with a game and some snacks.

7. Naps. Often games on Sundays mean naps on Sundays. I love laying down on the couch or in the grass and falling asleep on a Sunday afternoon.

6. The Food. My family has always had our big meal on Sunday at lunchtime – a roast, a big tray of manicotti, dinner at The Village. Then the evening meal is light – my family always ate scrambled egg sandwiches.

5. TV. Only the worst TV is on for Sunday afternoons. Movies on Lifetime. The SciFi Channel’s greatest monsters. Marathons of Top Chef. Terrible and glorious stuff.

4. Long Walks. The openness of Sunday afternoon provides a great chance to take a long, strolling walk without a destination or the thought of exercise.

3. People. Sometimes on Sundays, I see people I don’t see any other time of the week. I may only greet them briefly or catch up for a few minutes, but their existence reminds me I am loved and have people I love.

2. Church. If I don’t make it to church on Sundays, my whole week feels off. There’s something about gathering to worship and learn with people seeking the same thing that snaps my whole week into focus. It doesn’t make anything perfect or take away my problems, but the simple act of worship reminds me that I am not alone.

1. The Promise of Rest. Sometimes I observe days of total rest on Sundays – no work at all – and sometimes I simply only do what must be done and then let the rest go. But the promise that God gives of God’s rest – that his burden is easy and light – reminds me to take it easy on Sundays. What needs to be done will get done, just not now. This is perhaps the great blessing of Sundays for me, this Sabbath.

Why do you like Sundays? Or what day of the week do you really enjoy?

Noon: Rest from Work by Vincent Van Gogh“Noon: Rest from Work” – Vincent Van Gogh