I really love dogs. I love their companionship, their playfulness, and how they are excited to see you every time, even if you just stepped behind the open refrigerator door. They make me really happy. (For all your cat lovers, I love them, too, but for different reasons. A cat never loses track of where you are; that would mean they aren’t in charge.)

While I really like all dogs (okay, maybe not those hairless ones), but my favorites are BIG dogs. The more likely they are to pull me off my feet when they’re on a lease, the more I love them.

I also really love goofy looking dogs. You know the ones I mean. They have no knees or sport beards or look like they could collapse from the sheer weight of their skin.

So to honor dogs, here are my top ten dog breeds.

10. The Pug. These guys are so ugly that they’re cute, kind of like Cabbage Patch Kids without that fake baby powder smell.

9. Bernese Mountain Dog. There’s just something about a dog with giant paws that makes me really, really happy.

8. Puli. Dogs with dreadlocks. Need I say more.

7. Irish Wolfhound. I like a dog who might be able to give me a lift if I need a ride.

6. Old English Sheepdog. Any dog that has to stand facing a wind to get a clear view of the world is a dog for me.

5. Newfoundland. We had a lab/Newfie mix when I was a kid, and he was the most docile, friendly (and scary-looking) dog.

4. English Bull Dog. Dogs with jowls rock.

3. St. Bernard. Yes, I know they drool, but still . . . how can you resist that face?

2. Labrador. Once they’re done chewing on things as puppies, they are the most loyal and fun companions.

1. Basset Hound. No knees. Extra skin. Droopy eyes. Calm (okay, lazy) demeanor. Best. Dog. Ever.

Honorable Mention – Any mutt that is loving and kind. I’m not a purist. Not at all.

So that’s my list. What would you add? What kind of dog do you have? What makes your dog great, or despicable? What kinds of dogs would never want? And most importantly, are you one of those people that has one of those dogs with a hybrid dog name – like a Peki-Poo? If so, I must tease you and your dog.

St. Bernards – St. Bernards.