I’ve been inspired by Shawn Smucker’s top ten lists (personal favorite – top ten types of candy), and so I’m starting my own top ten lists.

Today, partially spurred on my K’s ability to find random cartoons all over the web, I’m going to share with you my favorite childhood cartoons.

10. Belle and Sebastian – I don’t think this one is too popular, but it featured a kid named Sebastian and Belle, his huge, white, Great Pyrenees. It’s like an Alpine Lassie. . . these are still some of my favorite dogs because of this show (and because I love huge dogs.)

9. Fat Albert – My dad always loved this cartoon, and thus, so did I. My favorite character was MushMouth, and I LOVED the Green Hornet clips.

8. Gummi Bears – I am only slightly ashamed to admit that I can sing the whole theme song for this show. “Gummi bears bouncing here and there and everywhere. . . . ” You get the picture.

7. The Littles – These tiny people with tails lived in the walls of a human house, and I think the show was based on a book. I just really liked the Little family.

6. Muppet Babies – This affection may stream from the fact that my mother has called me “Piggy Dawn” (my middle name is Dawn) since I was a kid because I was often as bossy as Miss Piggy. But I really loved Baby Fozzy.

5. Thundercats – “Thundercats – HOOOOOO!” I think this was a show my brother probably loved to watch UNTIL I started loving it too.

4. He-Man and She-Ra – For years I thought that She-Ra was getting the shaft because she wasn’t named “She-Man.” As my friend Jamie pointed out, this would have made for a very different show.

3. The Flintstones – Bam Bam was my personal favorite character, and I really thought Fred was stupid. A kid that hits stuff and a buffoon make for great TV.

2. Transformers Again, here I pilfered from my brother, but still . . . really, who doesn’t love Bumblebee, even before he became a Corvette?

1. Shirt-Tales – A big shout out to Kathy for finding the title of this cartoon for me. For almost twenty years, I was baffled by looking for the name of this show. I loved the show, but honestly I can’t remember why. I do know I had a birthday party with this theme when I was 5 or 6, and for years, I had a big stand-up Pammie the Panda.

So which is your favorite? Pipe in. Offer new suggestions. Rearrange my rankings. What cartoons from your childhood are special to you still? (By the way, I grew up in the 80s, so well, this speaks volumes to my taste in many things, not just cartoons.)

Shirt Tales – Shirt Tales