I love my students. They turn me on to great things like new bands and new writers. But more than anything, they are experts on what floats around on this internet of ours. This morning, my student Ellie turned me on to this dude who grows produce in the back of his truck – yep, 800 lbs of soil and food in a old pick-up truck. It’s amazing.

This guy really got me thinking about how great it is when people use their creativity and try out new things that meet their passions. Sometimes these passions produce odd things – like produce in a pick-up or the world’s largest ball of twine (Who knew that two places were vying for this title?) And sometimes, we get world changing processes like micro-loans and, well, the internet (to use a stale example).

I wonder what it would be like if all of us followed through on our best ideas, even if they seemed silly or hard or, perhaps, boring. What if we all lived out these creative impulses that are built into us? What if the world was full of trucks carrying lettuce? There’s no doubt that the world would be wackier, but I suspect it would be better, too.

If you create one thing, or follow through on one idea, or live one dream, what would you do? Do share.

Truck Farm – The Truck Farm