I am a romantic at heart. I can’t deny this. I don’t want to deny this. In fact, I once spent a whole day walking the Lake District with my friend Sarah. As I strolled, I imagined I was Wordsworth and let my mind wander to soaring heights and sit up on the clouds. I am absolutely sold out on the love of nature and people, and romantic movies make me cry every time.

Therefore, when I tell you I love Jane Austen, the TV show The Unit, and The Princess Bride, you should know why. In Austen, despite terrible mistakes and great heartache, the girl gets the guy of her dreams. On The Unit, thoughtful, strong men save people. In The Princess Bride, there’s a romantic hero, a strong heroine who is gorgeous, and a great journey to bring them together.

I know this confession may make me look like a sucker, but that’s okay because I deeply and truly, in the part of my soul that knows my cat is in heaven and that sometimes cheesecake is required, believe that these stories are possible and that they do happen. I know that people are capable of being so great that they smash cynicism and hopelessness to bits. I know that love can really conquer everything. I know that there are heroes and heroines out there fighting for their people. I know this, and I believe it.

On a day to day basis, I don’t see these stories very well. But then, I wouldn’t really have been able to believe Westley could come back from near dead to save Buttercup if I just saw that part of the story either. Instead, I have to believe in the big picture. I have to believe that there is a story greater than my day to day life, and that it is unfolding all around me, even when I can’t see it clearly.

So there it is. I am a romantic. Launch your cynicism and your realism. They can’t touch me; my head is in the clouds, and boy, is the air fresh up here.

The Princess Bride