I have been blessed with the perfect mother for me. She’s loving, caring, tough, not too sentimental, and absolutely compassionate. I am not a woman who needs a super girly mom who does her hair, but I am a woman who needs a mom that cares for people absolutely. That is my mom.

I also have a lot of women in my life who are mothers to me. Most of them are not old enough to be my mother, but still, they care for me. My friend Heather comes down and listens as we talk about life. My friend Shelva calls to give me wisdom about moving. My mother’s best friend Koky talks to me about life and love and men. No matter whether they have children or not, my female friends are all mothers.

And I’ve been mothered by a lot of writers, women like Anne Lamott, and Madeline L’Engle, and A.S. Byatt.

The truth, as I see it, is that most women by nature are mothers. Not all of have children; not all of us are obviously nurturing. But we all care, no matter how we show it.

So to all the women in the world, thank you for being who you are. Don’t ever change. We need you.