Today, my parents, brother, and I are heading over to their friends’ house to put in a garden for her. She’s got some health issues, and her husband is in bad health and is developing signs of dementia. She lost her job and now needs to be home with her husband to care for him. Sometimes they have trouble paying the bills.

My parents know this, and so they do whatever they can to help. Planting a garden, buying up the crafts this woman makes, taking her extra food when they have it. It’s just what they do.

It’s what they’ve always done. My dad helps split wood for families in the neighborhood that need it. My mom grows vegetable plants for half the universe. They give their money to support hungry children, and whenever I fundraise for something – like the Run to Feed Haiti – they are always my biggest supporters. They are true examples of what it means to love others.

So today, when I am planting brocolli and cabbage, I know that I am here not only because my parents brought me today but because they have brought me here their whole lives by living as they know to be right and teaching me to do the same.

Garden Vegetables