So I do a lot of part-time jobs to keep my bills paid. I teach, tutor, edit, and sell things on Ebay and Etsy. I love each of these things for different reasons – teaching because I like to see students get invested in their own voices, tutoring because I love to see writers perfect their own craft, editing because I get to help someone reach their own goals with their job searches or books, and selling because it helps people declutter, get cash, and move on to other projects.

Today, I’m listing my aunt’s beautiful jewelry on Ebay and Etsy. The Ebay pieces are things she’s picked up from her travels around the world – Mexican silver, Huichol hand-woven bracelets. And the pieces on Etsy are her own creations carefully crafted from various sacred stones and gems that she has combined to create very beautiful jewelry with certain energetic qualities. A few years ago, she had me try on a lapis lazuli necklace; lapis is associated with voice, and it is my favorite stone (perhaps for obvious reasons). As soon as I put it on, I got a tickle in my throat. I was really amazed at the complexity of things in the natural world, the energy and strength given to things that God created. Really amazing.

So this afternoon, as I put up each necklace, I will think of what influence they will have on others, but I will also think about how I am helping my aunt move on further into her healing work by letting her rid herself of this previous business. Without these pieces to remind her of a time passed, she can concentrate on guiding people’s bodies and minds to health, the work she is truly passionate about.

My way of paying bills may not be the most conventional, and I could certainly do more lucrative things. But honestly, I can’t imagine something more wonderful than giving a little push so that people become more of themselves. I get to use my gifts and talents to help others; what a gift for me.

Afghani Jade Necklace by Linda Jense