This morning I was very inspired (and I don’t use that word lightly) by “The Valley of Love” by Maria Skrebtsova

My spirit did that little shimmery thing it does when I have read something I know to be deeply true.

So today, I’m thought I’d do a little thing for folks and share their blogs with you. You now know about Ken’s great blog pertaining to social media and marketing.

Some of my other favorites include Walking Snake, written by another friend Josiah Bancroft. His latest post challenges the accepted process of manuscript rejections that are anonymous and formulaic and calls for a more specific, thoughtful response from editors, a response that will actually make for better writing. Good stuff there.

I also really love Jenna’s Cold Antler Farm blog. I really enjoy reading about her life on her farm with her sheep and rabbits and chickens and sled dogs. I have to admit that the animal slaughtering posts are harder for me to read, but I absolutely respect Jenna for wanting to be compassionate and humane about her care and consumption of animals. She really is a woman after my own heart.

A friend from college, Shawn Smucker, has started this wonderful blog about writing, life, and today, bubble gum. His posts range from thoughtful considerations of God’s path for his family’s life to whimsical turns about the best kinds of cereal (he votes Lucky Charms, and I must concur). Really good stuff from this good writer.

Plus, my friend Megan recently turned me on to The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin. Gretchen’s recent posts have challenged me to buy no more books until I read the ones I have (this advice coming, ironically, as I await her book in the mail), and if I follow this advice, which I should, I won’t have to buy books for approximately 23 years. The blog is all about how to find happiness in our daily lives. Really inspiring and fun.

Check these blogs out, add them to your readers, tweet them, spread the love.

Also, check out NoiseTrade for a free download of some great indie/folk/gospel music by my friend Hiram Ring and others.

AND I am giving away a CD of one of my favorite artists – Jonatha Brooke. It’s her live album and includes a DVD. Comment if you’d like it (and pass it on for more chances to win). Winner announced on Friday. Don’t forget that I’m also giving away a copy of Katherine Applegate’s Home of the Brave, too.

Enjoy this glorious day that is a gift to all of us. And spread the love where you can.

Valley of Love Painting