Today, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, I am playing leprechaun and giving away lots of stuff. Consider this my breaking of the Lenten wandering if the wilderness of my past few weeks; I am breaking lose for today to celebrate life with some things that I want to share.

Most of the giveaways will take place through Twitter and Facebook (simply because it’s easier to post multiple things there), so follow or friend me there.

But we’ll start off with a bang here. . . As the first giveaway of this St. Patrick’s Day, (if you could only hear the terrible Irish accent I’m creating in my head as I type, you’d roll your eyes with glee), I’m giving away:

1. Dar William’s CD The Green World

2. The Story’s CD The Angel In the House with Jonatha Brooke

3. On the Pilgrims’ Way: Conversations on Christian Discipleship During a Twelve-Day Walk Across England by J. Nelson Kraybill. . .

So comment here or on Twitter or Facebook. These are going first-come, first-served, so comment quickly. And please, spread the word.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Keem Bay IrelandAchille Island, Ireland