I used to be of the ilk to just keep reading something if I started it. This applied to the Reader’s Digest that my parents subscribed to; the textbooks for class (yes, I read more than required); and any book that I started. I have grown too old for this. I simply do not want to spend time reading something I don’t enjoy or want to learn from. Perhaps this is selfish of me – part of me thinks it is – but it’s also honest. There are so many great things I want to read, and I want to get to them soon.

So with this new reading perspective, I present you the list of books I simply could not finish.
How to Lose a Client by Becky A. Bartness. The characters in this mystery novel are fun and witty, but they border almost on stereotype (the funny gay guy who dresses very well, for example). Plus, I only got about 10 pages in, but still, nothing had happened. There are writers for whom I will wait – Saramago, Kingsolver, MacEwan, but Becky Bartness is not one of them, especially in a mystery novel. It’s kind of a fun book, but not fun enough for me to stay with it.

Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. Okay, so this one won the Man Booker – I should love it. I didn’t. But I don’t think this time it was Mantel’s fault. I blame Showtime and their gorgeously filmed show The Tudors. The whole time I was listening (I tried this one in the car) to Mantel’s prose I was picturing Jonathan Rhys Meyers (the actor who plays King Henry) in the TV series, and honestly, I just could not let myself fall into the story that Mantel was spinning. I think that’s very unfortunate, and perhaps I will return to this one later, but for now, it’s going back to the library.

Finally, I am having a really hard time finishing up M.C. Beaton’s Agatha Raising and the Vicious Vet. I really like Agatha – crochety, living in the Cotswolds, etc – but the story has just bogged down for me in the final third of the book. I may push through this one, but I really need a resolution soon . . . for me, mysteries are really an escape, but I need to be kept engrossed to enjoy them.

So have you read any of these books? If so, what did you think of them? Any books that you just could not finish? Do share!

And for those of you who want more books to read, keep an eye out on my Facebook page and Tweets today. I’m doing another round of giveaways. Got to keep those shelves clear for new titles.

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