This weekend, I decided to take a couple of days at my parents’ house in central Virginia. They live on 3,500 acres of undeveloped land (former plantations), and there is not much to do here. . . it’s really just what I needed.

This morning, we started off the day by sitting around and talking about vegetarianism, the pace of life, my hope to go back into nonprofit work, my side business of selling things online for folks, their semi-retirement. . . I love these morning chats, when the day comes to life – outside and in my mind slowly – coffee, warm blankets, conversation. . .

When my dad headed to his shop and Car Talk, Mom and I suited up for a trip to the new library, which is gorgeous, and Goodwill to drop off some things we wanted to get rid of. We wandered through a couple of shops looking at yarn and sundry stuff, hit the grocery store, and came home to join Dad in his shop for smoked Swiss cheese, grapes, and fresh guacamole (I splurged on a little healthy, out of season comfort food).

Mom and I spent the afternoon listing items on Etsy. I get real pleasure out of sharing the work of my hands and the hands of people I love. There’s something pure and real about that.

Tonight, we celebrated Mom and Dad’s 40th anniversary with a great dinner that Dad put together (with a Mom-made macaroni and cheese for me). Dad pulled out the old slide projector and showed me their first few years of marriage.

Now, Mom’s buying seeds for their LARGE garden, Dad’s gearing up for Ohno’s race tonight, and I’m, well, I’m doing this.

On days when life is harder than you’d like, there’s nothing like time with people you love doing not much of anything and still being busy at it.

Dad's Reclaimed Black Walnut TableOne of my dad’s reclaimed Black Walnut Tables