I’m about to retire to one of my favorite places in most of the houses I’ve lived in – the bathtub. I love the way the sound of the water blocks out all other noise with that soothing rush. I love the warmth of the water, especially on my feet. And I really love how it feels to read (and maybe get a little drowsy) in that setting.

I think my baths are probably a massive waste of water, but they are one of the few luxuries I give myself. So I don’t relent. I need them.

When I thought of this blog topic, I googled “reading in the bathtub” only to be horrified that other people aren’t writing about this. Google provided me with lots of links to “bathtub caddies” that have reading stands, so I know there are people out there doing this – or else we wouldn’t need so many caddies right?
Handmade Bathtub Reading TableHandmade Bathtub Reading Table

(Of course, if I extend this logic, I begin to wonder what need I have neglected that calls for those spiked ball things that seem to show up in all the “last minute” bins at home stores.)
Spikey Ball Thing

But I imagine people just aren’t writing about their bathtub reading because maybe it’s private to them, or because baths imply nudity, or because they’ve ruined so many books in the tub that they are ashamed. I don’t really know. If people aren’t reading in the bathtub, however, I think they should start, tonight, particularly if they’re in the Mid-Atlantic and suffering from snow fever. I also think that people should follow the model of Patricia Arquette’s character on Medium. That woman knows how to run a bath; now, if we can only get a book in her hands.